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Concept G wall panels

A well-insulated home is equivalent to dressing appropriately according to the temperature: an umbrella when it is rainy, a hat in winter. We must, thus, dress our home suitably in order to live comfortably.

ProGression Homes has developed a high energy efficient prefabricated wall panel so that your home will be weatherproof as well as well-insulated and ventilated.

Guaranteed comfort and security!


  • Light-weight panel, quick and easy installation
  • Two people can assemble a house in only one day
  • Panels are more sturdy than traditional walls
  • 20-year transferable warranty on the thermal value of the panel


See specification sheet

High energy efficient ceiling

ProGression Homes uses an expanded polystyrene sheet in order to properly insulate the ceiling of your kit home.



  • Quick and easy to install
  • Light-weight and easy to cut
  • Durable,  mould and rot resistant
  • Offers the highest R-value (unit of measure for insulation) per dollar invested versus other insulations
  • A R-45.41 insulation value
  • Possibility of obtaining certification (LEED) for environmental projects
  • More rigid than a standard vapour barrier, eliminating subsidence of insulation in the attic and maintaining airflow intact
  • A reflective and stratified vapour barrier is laminated to the inner surface of the insulation panel and a sealing tape is applied to protect the joints.
  • No need to add a top plate to maintain regular ceiling height
  • 20 year transferable warranty on the thermal value of the panels


See specification sheet

Low-E argon doors and windows  

In a traditional house, heat loss through windows represents 25% to 35% of the total loss. Therefore, special attention must be paid to this factor. ENERGY STAR qualified, the doors and windows installed on your kit home are Low-E argon and conform to the highest standards.

What does this mean?

Low-E refers to low emission. Low-E is a film that is applied to the glass, reducing ultra-violet rays by 33%, decreasing thermal loss.

Argon is a neutral gas that is less conductive and weightier than air. Therefore, since it is not conductive, a more efficient thermal glass is produced than one using air.

In short, Low-E argon offers a clear vision and adapts to outdoor temperature. In colder conditions, the insulation value is up to 50% greater than regular glass. In warmer conditions, the opposite effect is created by blocking sunrays.

Hybrid Joist: open web wood floor joist 

 This open web wood floor joist satisfies the two most important criteria of modern residential and commercial construction::

1) It offers the greatest adjustability possible.
2) It contains adequate space to accommodate air ducts, electrical wiring and plumbing

In fact, the joist length can be adjusted by cutting up to 2 feet off the ends without any danger of weakening the joist.

The open web truss section is located in the centre of the span, with wooden diagonals for superior sturdiness. It offers much greater flexibility for accommodating air ducts, electrical wiring and plumbing.

This performing system assures silent flooring and meets the requirements regarding reduced vibration criter.

Advantages of using Hybrid Joist::

  • Made from dry lumber
  • Large 2 -1/2” wide surface for nailing the subflooring
  • Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility
  • Will not warp or shrink
  • Light and easy to transport
  • Quick installation
  • Easy on-site cutting

 See specification sheet 

Air exchanger


  • Structural beams and columns meet the highest standards
  • OSB bargeboards (1 1/8”) covered with 1 1/4” expanded polystyrene on the exterior with a laminated reflective air barrier
  • OSB tongue and groove glued panels (5/8”) cover the joists
  • Load-bearing divisions and 2X6 divisions for passage of  ventilation  and plumbing ducts
  • Preassembled 2X4 interior divisions with double top plate
  • Prefabricated roof trusses with a continuous bridging, OSB panels cover the gable roof

Exterior finish and other components

  • Vinyl, wood, brick, stone, wood fibre, etc. (depending on model)
  • Shutters (depending of model)
  • PVC Facade railing with columns
  • Insulated garage door (depending on model)
  • Aluminum fascia and soffit
  • Decorative elements (depending on model)


  • Pressure-treated wood porch including aluminum or PVC railing (depending on model)
  • 10X10 back porch including staircase with wood railing


  • Marathon asphalt shingles with 25-year warranty
  • All necessary material to weatherproof roofing is included (galvanized flashing, starter strip, black paper, plastic cement, Maximum plumbing vents, etc.)

Interior Finish

  • ½”  drywall and materials for joints
  • Budget allocated for flooring (ceramic, hardwood, floating, etc.)
  • MDF baseboards and casings
  • Attic door with R-40 insulation
  • Preassembled doors and fireproof doors with handles
  • Cherry hardwood staircase including railing and handrail
  • Closet shelving


Everything under one roof!

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