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Is a home kit for me?


  • You wish to be involved in the construction of your home?
  • You desire a superior quality home at low cost?
  • You wish to save time and money?
  • You wish to lessen the need of required services from several workers on your site?

Yes, a home kit is the perfect solution !



Why opt for a kit home?

Contrary to a traditional home, for which walls are installed on site by several professionals, a kit home comes with factory built panels. Therefore, you are the contractor and, with a plan that we provide, you can assemble the wall panels of your home..

Kit homes have experienced a rapid growth in the past several years. The main reasons for their popularity stem from the fact that this type of construction represents rapidity and cost efficiency versus traditional construction. Since the components of the kit homes are factory built, sheltered from bad weather conditions, the lead time is much easier to respect.

Why choose ProGression Homes?

The materials used for our kit homes are of superior quality. They have been chosen with careful thought and consideration relating to environment, durability, technology and simplicity of installation.

All home models possess prebuilt walls with the highest insulation R-value per inch currently available on the market (R-32.51), surpassing Novaclimat standards by 33%. With its ceiling and other included components, you will be assured of a weatherproof, well insulated and ventilated home, which, for you, represents significant energy savings. You will have considerable monthly savings on your electric bill.

A lifetime of savings!

In fact, with our kit home system, you will get a return on your investment in less than 24 months (providing that the home is inhabited by a family of four and applying predetermined  specific thermostat settings as well as hot water, lighting and appliance usage rates.*) Subsequently, you will benefit from these savings for the lifetime of your home.

In addition, with Matério, proud product and service supplier, you will find the necessary construction and finishing products for your home. In fact, through the various Matério outlets, you will find over 40 000 products from foundation to decoration! No need to go elsewhere, everything is under one roof...saving you even more.

With a home kit  from ProGression Homes, you are assured of rapidity, quality and savings!

*According to data derived from the EnerGuide rating from the Office of Energy Efficiency, Government of Canada



Everything under one roof!

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