High energy efficient ceiling



Technical characteristics of the Thermo G ceiling:

  • A 7/16” thick expanded polystyrene panel with a high compression rate and a stratified and reflective air barrier is laminated to the inner side.
  • This product is installed under the trusses. The product comes in a roll, 4 feet wide and 64 feet long. The installation of 1x3 furring at 16” c/c allows for a horizontal flow of thermal air. Joints between the edges are covered with a red sealing tape. Blown wool is added for flat roofs. Cathedral or sloped roofs are insulated with mineral wool panels.
  • The high energy efficient ceiling is insulated with R-45.41 value.
  • No need to add a top plate to maintain the regular ceiling height of your home.  (See drawing below)

Comparison between a ceiling of a traditional home and a Thermo G ceiling of a ProGression home kit


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