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New Generation Wall Concept G

This revolutionary product is result of maximum usage of new technologies in energy efficiency and more than 24 months of research.


  • Quebec design and manufacturing
  • High energy efficiency
  • Thinner and more lightweight with greater output
  • Quick and efficient on-site installation
  • Two people can assemble a house in one day



Technical characteristics of Concept G wall panels::


  • Uses expanded polystyrene panels (thermoplastic foam structure) with a high compression ratio instead of the traditional fibreglass batting.

    Characteristics of expanded polystyrene: 

    - lightweight
    - good absorption of structural movements
    - contains no CFCs
      (CFCs are chemical compounds responsible for the deterioration of the ozone layer)
    - contains no nutritional value for parasites
    - mould and rot resistant, since resistant to water
    - not heat conductive
    - does not subside or shrink 
  • Uses 18% less wood density than a traditional wall and is sturdier due to is structural composition (wood-integrated insulation panel).
  • Vertical furring is installed on the exterior using special nails, allowing attachment without backward movement and reducing the insulation compression of the beams.
  • An exterior reflective polyethylene air/vapour barrier is laminated onto the insulation panel so as to allow even adherence, stop air pockets and reflect sunrays towards the exterior. A CSA approved sealing tape is applied over panel joints.
  • An interior stratified and reflective air barrier is laminated onto the interior surface of the insulation panel and a reflective aluminum sealing tape covers the beams. Horizontal furring is added every 16” to beams in order to facilitate the placement of electrical boxes and wires without affecting the insulation.
  • The smooth 2x5 base exceeds the interior of the insulation panel so as to allow for rapid nailing to the floor and is fitted with a smooth joint preventing conduction of cold. This results in an ultra weatherproof wall. 
  • Nails installed on the hot side will not react to condensation.
  • Reduced risk of wood splitting as well as the possibility of infiltration.
  • Flashing for exterior openings are covered with high end products.
  • The unique joint system allows for exceptional bracing.



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